RECOVERY GEARS - Tow Rope / D-Shackle / Gloves

There are many safety considerations to properly tow a vehicle, especially using the right tools.

You should have 2 x different length of tow ropes and 2 x D-shackles that fit your vehicle.


COMMUNICATION - Walkie Talkies

They are handy for keeping in constant contact within a group. Giving or taking instructions and being aware of the situation.

Still, the limitation of the communication range of walkie-talkies can be reduced by the rugged terrain through which you are travelling, and can be affected by weather conditions. So you should always be prepared for possible emergencies in which you cannot rely on walkie-talkies alone. It is crucial to prepare a backup such as a mobile phone.


GPS - Global Positioning System

GPS devices are not meant for communications, but it could be handy in helping you to identify your location to emergency services. A GPS device by itself or as part of a PDA or mobile phone can locate you precisely on an easy-to-read map. These devices are simple to find on the market and are lightweight, so they are easy to carry when you hike.

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